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Alex Hospers

Alex Hospers (1969) was born and raised in Enschede.
Like many Couturiers, from childhood he has been fascinated in fashion and everything to do with it.
After the completion of the MAVO he studied MBO fashion and clothing.
There he enrolled at the Department of realization in which his creativitycame to full expression.
Then he moved to Amsterdam to folow the private HBO study “Fashion Design”.
At this location, he came into contact with Mr Bob Miller and Frank Govers.
After several years he returned to Overijssel where in Enschede he enjoyed training at the fashion school Ensaid.
During this training he came into contact with the “Modiste” – profession.
The intricacies of the Modiste profession he was taught by Ms Jacqueline Slettenhaar at Hengelo. From that moment he knew that this was his domain.
The design and manufacture of hats, he can give free rein to his creativity.
Unique to his hats is that they do not have a front – and backside. His hats are all reversible in everyday wear.

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